Special NOTICE for all Bikers.

The phrase “NEVER LEAVE A BIKER BEHIND” goes well beyond just not leaving someone sitting on the side of the road alone.

It is about being by their side, whenever they need you.

We realize that many people get a bit depressed during the Christmas Holiday Season.

We also know it is especially hard on elderly individuals that have lost a spouse or where the children and grandchildren have moved away.

Therefore, we have a custom in “some” of our chapters where we invite other mature bikers, including ones that are NOT members of our club, to join us at some restaurant on Christmas Day.

The goal is to simply dine, talk and be with other bikers, instead of setting alone in your home.

So, if you are alone or even if you and your spouse no longer have family in the area and don’t want to cook, we would like to encourage you to contact us and let us know where you live.

IF we have an OBRC chapter in your area OR if we have Friends or Acquaintances in your area, we will contact them and see if they would be available to meet you at a local restaurant, on Christmas Day.

No strings attached. This is simply part of the Extended Brotherhood of Bikers.

Due to the weather conditions in many locations, you are NOT required to show up on your bike.

Currently this is only available in the U.S.A, Canada and the UK.

(If you would like to eat with other Older Bikers on Christmas Day, please use this (LINK) to let us know what country, town and state or province you live in.)