New Year's Eve & New Year's Day Gathering

This invitation is open to all guests and non-members.

Now that Christmas is over, all OBRC members, guests and friends from the Rockport and Evansville Indiana OBRC Chapters are invited to meet up with the Owensboro, Kentucky Chapter members in Owensboro Kentucky on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

All patched OBRC members, guests and friends are invited to join us at the Mellow Mushroom in Owensboro, Kentucky on New Years Eve around 4:00 PM.

Bring your appetite so you can enjoy one of the best pizza's in the tri-state area as well as the friendly conversation as old and new friends share old memories and plans for the future.

We are also inviting everyone to join us on New Years Day at the Huddle House for Breakfast, Located on Hwy 54, in Owensboro, KY around 10:00 AM.

Patched Members that ride to the restaurant on New Years Day, be sure to let us know what size shirts you want, when you get to the restaurant.

Any OBRC Patched member that rides with any of our Chapter gatherings on New Years Day,  that would like a shirt with our logo and the date of the ride on it, please let us know what size shirt you need and the name of your chapter, so that we can ship them out.

The shirts are for OBRC patched Members ONLY however the breakfast gathering is open to anyone.

If you can not ride to the restaurant, for any reason, you can come in a cage and eat with us anyway.

Lets end one year and start a new one together, for no one knows what the rest of 2023 will be like. So, come have some fun with us.

If you need directions to either place, please contact us.

There will be club membership applications available for anyone wanting to join us.

Mellow Mushroom

101 W 2nd St, Owensboro, KY, 42303

Phone: (270) 684-7800


There will also be New Years Day rides sponsored by other chapters throughout the USA, so contact you local chapter for time and locations.

Special NOTICE for all Bikers.

The phrase “NEVER LEAVE A BIKER BEHIND” goes well beyond just not leaving someone sitting on the side of the road alone.

It is about being by their side, whenever they need you.

We realize that many people get a bit depressed during the Christmas Holiday Season.

We also know it is especially hard on elderly individuals that have lost a spouse or where the children and grandchildren have moved away.

Therefore, we have a custom in “some” of our chapters where we invite other mature bikers, including ones that are NOT members of our club, to join us at some restaurant on Christmas Day.

The goal is to simply dine, talk and be with other bikers, instead of setting alone in your home.

So, if you are alone or even if you and your spouse no longer have family in the area and don’t want to cook, we would like to encourage you to contact us and let us know where you live.

IF we have an OBRC chapter in your area OR if we have Friends or Acquaintances in your area, we will contact them and see if they would be available to meet you at a local restaurant, on Christmas Day.

No strings attached. This is simply part of the Extended Brotherhood of Bikers.

Due to the weather conditions in many locations, you are NOT required to show up on your bike.

Currently this is only available in the U.S.A, Canada and the UK.

(If you would like to eat with other Older Bikers on Christmas Day, please use this (LINK) to let us know what country, town and state or province you live in.)


35th Annual Bartlesville Oklahoma Motorcycle Toy Run

Saturday December 3rd. 2022

35 years of giving! Come be a part.

  • Meet in the parking lot at 3005 S.E. Frank Phillips Blvd. Bartlesville, Oklahoma
  • All Street Legal motorcycles and riders are welcome.
  • Riders are to bring a new unwrapped toys for all ages.
  • The parade leaves at 2:00 pm and follows the route shown below.
  • A free hot meal will be served to the riders at the end of the parade.
  • Santa will be there on his sled. Bring your kids and camera.

If you don’t ride a motorcycle, but would like to help the kids, please bring new unwrapped toys to put in the Toy Run Truck and see the bikes.

For more information or to order T-shirts call or text Amber. T-shirts are $15.00 each, cash or check.

Proceeds from shirt sales go to purchase more toys!!!!


Rain, snow, or shine, the kids depend on us!



Just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that ALL of our National Officers made it home safe from our Texas National Meeting.

We got quite a bit accomplished during that National meeting.


We sanctioned our first TEXAS OBRC Chapter on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. It is located in Fort Worth and as it grows, it will eventually separate into TWO chapters and designate one chapter for Dallas and keep the original chapter in Fort Worth.

We are also still working on building additional chapters in Texarkana, Houston and San Antonio, Texas


The National Officers decided that for early 2023, we will be ordering a variety of NEW club merchandise, such as shirts, sweat shirts, light jackets, head coverings, etc with our club logo as well as various motorcycle images and phrases, that we can offer to our OBRC Patched Members.

This is a example of one of our OLD sweatshirts from a New Years Day ride we had in 2011.


We will also be re-ordering chapter supplies such as support vehicle magnets, and the large vinyl banners we use at rallies, as soon as we find a new company to replace our old supplier that closed down.

Example of a Rally Banner we used in 2013.


Due to the growth in our social media presence, we are trying a brand new idea.

The National Officers also decided to design and order some support shirts and gear that can be sold to Facebook users, that are not patched or chapter members.

This will give others a chance to announce their support of the Older Bikers Riding Club members.

Example of an OBRC shirts worn by a club members. We would add the appropriate words to indicate it is being worn by a supporter instead of a member.


On a different, note, we are proud to announce that we now have a new “Recruiter” that plans on traveling and spending time in all of the contiguous 48 USA states, with his RV and Bike.

This will give him a chance to spend time with existing chapter officers as well as prospective new chapter leaders.

He will also get to meet individual potential members in various states, that do not have existing chapters close to them yet.

This will be a great boost to our National Public Relations and Recruiting.


Our next National meeting will be held in Daytona Beach, FL during Bike Week on March 3-12, 2023.

Some of our National Officers will also be available for a meeting on May 18-21, 2023 at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch during the Tennessee Motorcycles Music Revival at Hurricane Mills, TN.

So, keep watching this group for more breaking news and updates on OBRC progress here in the USA as well as other countries.

We would also encourage you to join our Facebook Group at: or ask us about the special Facebook groups we have, just for older riders from your particular state or country.


Title: About OBRC

Four Basic Rules

The Older Bikers Riding Club is a motorcycle riding club for older bikers that LOVE to ride their bikes and want to enjoy their remaining years as much as possible.


We are a Special Division of      American Legacies, LLC.,  a Not-For-Profit Organization dedicated to catering to older mature bikers and helping them to enjoy the last few years of riding before their bodies and nature take that pleasure and freedom away from them.

Our club logo is a silhouette of a biker standing beside a motorcycle and gazing at a colorful sunset.

Our motto is “Enjoying the Sunset of our Lives.

We have some members that got back into riding after their children grew up and left home, other members that "used" to be patch holders in weekend MC's or 1% MC's and other men or women that just started riding. The common bond we all have is that we love riding and want to spend as much time riding as possible, while our health allows us to.

Some of our members have Cancer, while others have had knees or hips replaced. We also have individuals that have suffered strokes or heart attacks. Yet the  bond they all have is the fact that they are still riding because they love the freedom and feelings each and every ride instills within them.

It's all about riding, going to rallies and friendships. We don't ride from bar to bar. Our policy is that we never drink and ride. We save the drinking for rallies where our bikes are parked for the night.

Some people have referred to us as a “Eating Club, with a Motorcycle Addition” and we are fine with that analogy because we love to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavors while we nourish our bodies and some of us have been known to ride hundreds of miles or even make overnight trips, just to check out a unique restaurant.

Others like to travel to motorcycle rallies and camp out where they can sit by a campfire and share stories of the “Good Old Days” and “Most Memorable Rides or Road Trips” while we make new friends and strengthen our bonds and knowledge of our closest club brothers and sisters.

Other members have even been known to share holiday meals with elderly or widowed members that would other wise be all alone without any biological family living close by.

So yes, we are more then simply a riding club. We are a family of Older Bikers. Even during the winter months, where our chapters that are located in the colder regions of our country, OBRC members have been known to drive cages in order to meet up and go to a movie, play pool, go bowling, play cards or just go out to EAT together when the weather prohibits the safe riding of our bikes.

But it is not all fun and games. We do have rules that we must abide by.

For safety reasons, since our reaction time gets slower as we age, we do not allow anyone to drink alcohol while we are out riding. That includes if we stop to eat at a place that serves beer or other alcoholic drinks.

On the other hand, if we are camped out at a rally and parked for the entire night or week, many of our members to like to indulge in some cool alcoholic beverages and relax.

Life on two wheels can get dangerous enough when you get older, without adding more risk factors. So, another important rule is that we do NOT allow any members that use, carry or distribute illegal drugs. That is for multiple reasons, including the fact that we don’t want to spend our final days in a jail cell because of the actions of someone else, combined with the fact that we don’t want to ride behind someone that is using any type of mind altering drugs.

As old school bikers, we try to promote the enjoyment of riding motorcycles, brotherhood, family responsibility, and respect for others as well as for ourselves. Therefore, we do require that every chapter has at least ONE experienced old school biker, preferably an ex-patch holder that can help educate the newer riders on proper riding techniques as well as acceptable policies when dealing with current patch holders from MC's they may meet at rallies and other motorcycle events.

Our goal is to gain the respect of citizens as well as other bikers, not only because of our age and wisdom, but also because of our respect for them.

Another goal is to assist our Parent Organization American Legacies by raising money to support their Preservation of Historical Information about our Country, the People within our biological families, the Towns where we grew up, the Lifestyle and Traditions of our Heritage and even the type of foods we shared with our loved ones growing up.

We do this by sponsoring poker runs and other motorcycle events that accept donations as well as donating part of the profits we make from selling OBRC support shirts and other apparel to American Legacies.

We also have some members that volunteer to go into nursing homes and record stories told by elderly residents about the lifestyles they endured as they were growing up, events they endured while fighting in the armed services, or even stories about the way their home town was many many years ago, before we had electricity, cell phones, computers or running water.

The monies we donate to American Legacies help to pay for the web servers that host our websites as well as the publication of the hard bound books containing the historical information relating to the People, Places, Things and Lifestyles they have gathered and documented in America and get donated to Public Libraries .

We do NOT charge a membership fee or annual dues in order to join the Older Bikers Riding Club, however in order to ride with us, we do have FOUR basic rules.

1: You must ride a motorcycle or trike.

When we say ride, we are looking for people that are out riding every week during the summer, traveling to rallies, bike nights, poker runs and using any other excuse they can find to ride.


2: No drinking while riding.

We do NOT stop at bars when we are out riding. You can drink as much as you want when you arrive at a rally or get home, but we do not allow drinking while riding with us.


3: No Illegal Drugs.

You can not use, carry or sell illegal drugs of any type, if you want to be a member of our club and ride with us.


4: NEVER abandon another biker.

If we see another biker on the side of the road, we always stop to help and never leave another biker sitting alone.


Keep in mind that we are not an Internet club or Association, therefore we do not hand out a club patch to just anyone. While we are a riding club instead of a motorcycle club, we are still particular about the quality of people that represent us, therefore before a new member can obtain a back patch, he/she MUST belong to a local chapter and meet with, ride with and/or attend a rally with an existing "old school" or charter member of our club, so we can get to know their character and they will get to know us.

Basically, that means Nomad members that live in areas where we don't currently have chapters, are encouraged to wear t-shirts, caps and small patches that will help promote the name of our club, but only Chapter Members are entitled to wear the large Back Patch, unless the Nomads are attending a rally or event with a Chapter.

If these rules are acceptable and you would like to join our riding club, either contact one of our Chapter Members via facebook at or look for one of our full patches members at a bike night or rally where we have an existing chapter.

We would also like to encourage you to visit the American Legacies Websites located at:


We’ll once again be riding to the children’s hospice at Little Bridge House.

All bikes, trikes and quads are welcome, and the ride is fully L plate friendly. Don’t worry if you’ve not attended a group ride before, you’ll be made very welcome.

Main Ride - to Little Bridge House Hospice

Taunton to Little Bridge House Hospice

Asda, Taunton, TA1 2AN

Leave at 09:15

McDonalds and toilets available. We will then head to the following pickup points.

0915hrs Taunton – Asda TA1 2AN

0940hrs approx Wellington – McDonalds TA21 9FH

1025hrs approx A361 - The Log Cabin Diner EX36 4RZ

We will not be stopping at any of these locations, just riding through and picking up, I will be asking a rider to go ahead to ensure everyone is ready to leave at each location.

We will be stopping in South Molton town centre at approx 1040hrs where employees of Alun Griffith (Contractors) Ltd will be collecting for CHSW, the company is also donating £1000 to the charity, there will also be refreshments here, we will stay for approx 30 minutes before continuing on our way.

All being well we will arrive at the usual stopping off point, Seven Brethren Bank at near enough the usual time and will leave for Little Bridge House no later 1300hrs to arrive at approx 1330hrs.

Keep a look out for further updates.

Looking forward to seeing everyone getting their Santa on.

Check out their main website at or their facebook page at

(Disclaimer: The Older Bikers Riding Club (OBRC) is NOT affiliated with Santa's on a bike.

This posting is simply a public service notice to our friends, members and other bikers throughout the UK.)


Midlands Area Santa's on a Bike

December 17, 2022

Main Ride - Cornmill Yard to Acorns Childrens Hospice

Cornmill Yard, Evesham, WR11 2LL

Meet from 11:00

Arrive at Acorns Hospice around 14:30

Meeting from 11am, bacon rolls and hot drinks available.

Ride leaves Evesham at 12.45pm prompt for a ride around cotswold villages then on to Acorns in Worcester for 2.30pm.

Check out their main website at or their facebook page at

(Disclaimer: The Older Bikers Riding Club (OBRC) is NOT affiliated with Santa's on a bike.

This posting is simply a public service notice to our friends, members and other bikers throughout the UK.)

(NOTE: This ride was originally scheduled for Dec 10, however due to a snow storm, it has been rescheduled to Dec 17th.)


The Rockport, Indiana Chapter of the Older Bikers Riding Club is our Mother chapter and has been with us since 2010.

If you would like to meet some of our local members or join them on a ride or at a rally, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of our Forum Home Page


The Evansville Indiana Chapter of the Older Bikers Riding Club has been with us since 2012.

If you would like to meet some of our local members or join them on a ride or at a rally, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of our Forum Home Page


The Fort Worth Texas chapter of the Older Bikers Riding Club was sanctioned in November of 2022.

Since it is such a new chapter, we do not have any "public" photographs that we can display of the members YET, however we are hoping that we will receive some within the next 30 days.

In the meantime, if you are interested in having someone from the Forth Worth chapter contact you OR if you would like to follow them on one of their scheduled rides, please contact us on Facebook HERE or use the Contact Us link on the bottom of the FORUM HOMEPAGE.