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Welcome to News about the Bainbridge Georgia chapter of Older Bikers RC

Daytona Bike Week

Members from our Northern Mass chapter, Bainbridge Georgia chapter and the Savannah Georgia chapters will be attending the Daytona Bike Week this Month.

If any other chapters or nomads plan on attending this year, please contact Pat, Joe or Harlady. We will also be posting a notice on our facebook group and twitter account with more information.

A new riding season is upon us, therefore we are looking for new members that want to get out and ride to local as well as out of town restaurants and rallies.

If you are over the age of 40, live in or near Southwestern Georgia, South East Alabama or Northern Florida and would like to find other older riders that enjoy riding back roads and finding new restaurants, or making a long distance road trips to attend a rally or simply enjoy the scenery and people from other areas, we would like to encourage you to contact us via this website, or through our facebook group.

You do NOT have to become a club member in order to join us for a day trip.

Visitors and guests are always welcome as long as you are on a bike, over the age of 40 and do not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs while you are riding with us.

Be sure to visit or other Georigia Chapters, to see what is happening with them. You can find them on the TOP MENU of this site under the link for "Chapters and Nomads."

This site is currently under construction, as we try to upload photos and information from an old site that was hacked. In the meantime, if you are a current club member and want to get registered to use this site, please contact Joe and have him call FTW or you can email Harlady direct if you have her contact information and she will pass the information along to FTW.

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