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Welcome to the National News for OBRC.

Daytona Bike Week

Members from our Northern Mass chapter, Bainbridge Georgia chapter and the Savannah Georgia chapters will be attending the Daytona Bike Week this Month.

If any other chapters or nomads plan on attending this year, please contact Pat, Joe or Harlady. We will also be posting a notice on our facebook group and twitter account with more information.

Older Bikers recently moved our website to a new server. We have also obtained a second website name, that we will be using as a backup site, in the event our primary site or server has any problems.

This aspect of having duel servers and sites, will hopefully help us to have a constant exposure on the Internet.

Depending on the desires of our members, we are prepared to add a forum and photo gallery if/when the need arises. So we are encouraging our members to use facebook or direct emails to let us know what YOU want.

This site is currently still under construction, as we try to upload photos and information from our old site that was hacked, so please be patient at we transfer old content that was salvaged from our old site. In the meantime, if you are a club member and want to get registered to use this site, please contact your local chapter president and have them send a private message to Harlady via facebook or email her direct if you have her contact information and she will pass the information along to FTW.

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