The Older Bikers Riding Club is a motorcycle riding club for older bikers that LOVE to ride their bikes and want to enjoy their remaining years as much as possible.

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The Older Bikers Riding Club is 12 years old.

We have members from all walks of life. The common bond we all have is that we love riding and want to spend as much time riding as possible, while our health allows us to.

It's all about riding, going to rallies and friendships. We don't ride from bar to bar. Our policy is that we never drink and ride. We save the drinking for rallies where our bikes are parked for the night.

As old school bikers, we promote the enjoyment of riding motorcycles, brotherhood, family responsibility, and respect for others as well as for ourselves.

We require that every chapter has at least ONE experienced old school biker, that can help educate the newer riders on proper riding techniques as well as acceptable policies when dealing with other bikers they meet at rallies and other motorcycle events.

Our goal is to gain the respect of citizens as well as other bikers, not only because of our age and wisdom, but also because of our respect for them.

We do NOT charge a membership fee or annual dues in order to join our club, however in order to ride with us, we do have THREE basic rules.

Keep in mind that we are not an Internet club or Association, therefore we do not hand out a club patch to just anyone. While we are a riding club instead of a motorcycle club, we are still particular about the quality of people that represent us, therefore before a new member can obtain a back patch, he/she MUST belong to a local chapter and meet with, ride with and/or attend a rally with an existing "old school" or charter member of our club. Basically, that means Nomad members that live in areas where we don't currently have chapters, are encouraged to wear t-shirts, caps and small patches that will help promote the name of our club, but only Chapter Members are entitled to wear the large Back Patch.

If these rules are acceptable and you would like to join our riding club, either contact one of our chapter members via facebook or look for one of our full patches members at a bike night or rally where we have existing chapters.