The search for a CMS Type Web Design Program

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The search for a CMS Type Web Design Program

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I originally made the previous posts in March of 2021.
It is now December of 2022 and I am ready to find a new CMS type Web Design Program.

When I originally started designing websites, I wrote everything in HTML.

They were called "Static" sites, because once you wrote and designed a page, the only way people could see it was with a full size monitor.

Due to one of the organizations that I run having so much data that needed to be placed on the web for long term availability, I had to change the way I was designing webpages.

Basically, I started "designing headers, footers and menu's that I would "include" or link to, with every page that I created.

This became quite time consuming.

Then as the tech industry evolved and the use of laptops, tablets and cell phones grew, it really complicated things for the web designers because we had to accommodate all of the different size screens that people were using.

That forced us to learn how to make our sites "relational" in order to have the images and text show up correctly on all types of screens.

At that point, instead of trying to create each page individually, especially when we had thousands of pages available for public viewing, I decided to start using pre-built programs.

But to this day, I have never found the PERFECT web design program, so normally every year, I go looking for a new and better program to use.

This year, as I travel through the corners of the CMS type programs, I will document every program that I have or will try and review them on this website.

I will let you know what I like and don't like about each program that I try. So, hang on and get ready to read about the pitfalls and treasures that I run across.

BTW, this is a perfect time of the year for me to do this, because I don't due as much riding during the winter as I due in the summer, plus I don't have to spend several days a week taking care of the yard in the winter, so I have more time available to work on research.

I just hope that someday, we can find one, two, three, four or five individuals willing to contribute some time and effort into maintaining these websites, so that when I ride my bike up the stairway to Heaven, these sites will continue to flourish and be helpful to so many others.
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