Welcome to All Canadian Older Bikers

For our guest from Canada that want to find out more about us and possibly help start some chapters up there.
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Welcome to All Canadian Older Bikers

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We would like to officially welcome all Canadian Older Bikers that find their way to this website.

Due to requests we have received on our social media page, wanting us to open up some chapters in Canada, we are wanting to hear from you folks, such as what towns you are close to, so that we can find out if we can attract enough potential members in any given area to start a chapter.

Once we get to know you, we will also create a private forum where we can talk about other clubs in particular areas, so we will get a better idea of what procedures they may have, before allowing RC's to wear a patch in their territories.

We would also be interested in finding out what types of rallies you have in your country and how many of you travel down here to attend rallies in the states.

So, lets just chat and see what we all can learn.
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Re: Welcome to All Canadian Older Bikers

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Welcome, eh!
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