The Connection between American Legacies, LLC and Older Bikers Riding Club

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The Connection between American Legacies, LLC and Older Bikers Riding Club

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The most recent set of bylaws are currently in the hands of one of our proofreaders, and should be available shortly.

In the meantime, I figured I would share a segment from the bylaws that discusses the connection between American Legacies and OBRC.

So, here is what is currently displayed in our new bylaws about this connection.
1.A: The Older Bikers Riding club is a “Division” of American Legacies, LLC, a Not-For-Profit Historical, Family and Precious Memories Organization dedicated to “Preserving The Past, For Future Generations.”

2.F.7: Providing Aid to Charitable Organizations, including but not limited to American Legacies.

Article 3: Membership

3.A: Since OBRC is sponsored and supported in part by American Legacies. LLC, we encourage all of our members to visit the Legacies family of websites, in order to take advantage of the free services they offer to others, such as:

3.A.1: Free Website Hosting for Chapters of The Older Bikers Riding Club on website(s), forums and new photo galleries that are coming soon. These services alone would have cost OBRC thousands of dollars over the last decade of use.

3.A.2: Non paid volunteers that are members of American Legacies, LLC., have donated countless hours typing, creating graphic designs, database creations and web page layouts for OBRC over the years so that OBRC would not have to pay anyone to build or maintain our websites or databases.

3.A.3: American Legacies, LLC, has also donated a number of new computers and printers to OBRC over the years for use in our National Office. Again this would have cost OBRC thousands of dollars to buy these systems.

3.A.4: The only thing American Legacies, LLC asks in return for their assistance, is for our members to “consider” sharing stories about what their life was like 50 or 60 years ago, while riding motorcycles. They are also interested in stories about the parents or grandparents of our elderly members, including family recipes, or digital copies of old family photographs, containing the names of family members that have passed away.

3.A.4.a: There is no charge to submit any stories or information to American Legacies, LLC., Their goal is to post this information on their websites and then allow your distant cousins and future descendants to read these stories free of charge, in order to learn about you and your life’s memories. They will even include your stories in a hardbound book that will be distributed FREE to libraries in your home town or where ever you grew up.

3.A.4.b: Of course, if anyone, especially retired individuals that have lots of time on their hands, would like to volunteer to go to nursing homes or senior citizen centers and record stories from other seniors, American Legacies. LLC., would also love to have those stories also.

3.A.4.c: In addition, if any retired individuals would be willing to donate a little time for typing or proofreading stories, they would also welcome your assistance.
Also, for anyone interested in finding out more about our Parent Organization, American Legacies. LLC., you can find them at the following locations:

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