How To Start A New Chapter of OBRC

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How To Start A New Chapter of OBRC

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This post is for anyone that is not currently a member of the Older Bikers Riding Club and would like to start a new chapter in your area.

The first thing you need to do is either register to use this forum so that you can send an email to FTW or go to our Facebook group at and send a private message to the user account of Older Bikers containing your email address and a message letting us know WHERE you would like to start a new chapter and the name of the town where you live, not just the part of a state.

At that point, we will send a membership application to your email address. You will need to fill out the application, then take a photo of it and email that photo back to us.

Once your application has been received by us, the information on it will be entered into our database of Potential Members.

The next step will involve us sending you a copy of our bylaws. It will be sent to you via e-mail only. At that point you will receive additional information regarding signing and returning a copy of your signed acceptance to abide by our bylaws.

After we receive a signed copy of your willingness to accept and act according to our bylaws, we will grant you permission to recruit new potential OBRC members.

We will also forward information to you related to any individuals we have information on, that live close to you and have indicated a desire to become a potential member of OBRC.

We will also provide you with a sample brochure layout that you can distribute on bulletin boards in mini-marts, bike shops, at bike nights, etc., to encourage new potential members to contact you or us. But please make sure you have permission from the owners before posting or distributing any paperwork containing our name, on private property.

Also keep in mind that you or no one else in your group will officially become a member of OBRC until you have located a minimum of 6 individuals, (including wives that ride solo or behind their husbands) and are personally approved and sanctioned face to face by one of our National Officers.

Also keep in mind that, this may be a riding club instead of a motorcycle club, but we still have rules and guidelines, so please read the bylaws very carefully and make sure you agree with them. They were written in order to keep ALL of our members safe so they can enjoy the sunset of their lives.

Thank you
OBRC National
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