The basics of why I am posting this.

How to tips on designing websites.
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The basics of why I am posting this.

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Due to my age and ongoing memory loss, I have decided to start posting educational tips that I "HOPE" multiple people much younger then me, will pay attention to and learn from.

I have been designing websites for over 20 years. The one most important thing I have learned is that you either need to learn how to wear many different hats OR you need a team of designers that can work together.

In my case, I wear all of the hats, so the tips I share will cover a variety of topics.

The second lesson I learned about working on websites is that you need a thirst for knowledge, because you will be forced to learn new things constantly.

I will start with the basics and discuss different topics as I my websites take me in different directions.
So, if you read any of these posts and learn something from them, I hope that someday you will be willing to off some type of help to OBRC or American Legacies in maintaining their websites.
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