2023 Potential Stock Picks

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2023 Potential Stock Picks

Post by FTW »

Below is a list of possible stocks I “Might” purchase or sell, depending on the daily share price, market, news and any other events.

Please do your own research on ANY and EVERY stock before you consider investing in it.
(ACIW) ACI Worldwide Digital Payments to Banks: possible Buy
(ADBE) (BOUGHT) on 2/2/23 Adobe Publishing Software:
(ADP) (BOUGHT-T) on 2/13/23 Data Processing:
(ATVI) Activision Blizzard Digital Games: possibly buy, after the ruling from the UK on being bought out.
(AVGO) Broadcom Semiconductors: BUY
(CASY) (BOUGHT-E) on 2/13/23 Caseys General Stores:
(COST) SOLD on 2/7/23 Costco Wholesale: (BOUGHT) on 1/30/23
(DIOD) (SOLD) on 2/7/23 Diodes: (BOUGHT) on 5/29/20
(FDX) Fedex Shipping Buy
(FTNT) (BOUGHT) on 2/9/23 Fortinet:
(GGG) Graco Oil, Paint and chemical equipment: BUY
(GL) Globe Life Insurance: Wait for BIG Dip
(INTC (SOLD) on 1/23/23 NVIDIA: (BOUGHT) on 11/16/22
(NVDA) (SOLD) on 2/7/23 NVIDIA: (BOUGHT) on 2/2/23
(ROK) (SOLD) on 2/7/23 Rockwell Automation: (BOUGHT) on 3/29/22
(SHOP) (SOLD) on 1/4/23 Shopify: (BOUGHT) on 12/16/22
(SHOP) (SOLD) on 1/26/23 Shopify: (BOUGHT) on 12/2/22
(TSLA) (SOLD) on 1/26/23 Tesla: (BOUGHT) on 12/19/22
(V) (BOUGHT) on 2/9/23 Visa: Last Sold on 1/27/23
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Re: Potential Stock Picks

Post by FTW »

On 2/7/23 I sold 4 stocks.

The reason I sold them, was because the Chair of the Fed was being interviewed.

And whenever he talks, the stock market will react.

At the beginning of his interview, the market went up, so I placed a stop loss on some of my stocks that were up enough for me to take my profits.

I got lucky, because before he finished the interview, the market went down big time, due to one comment. It was also down the next day 2/8/23, although I was not available that day.

I noticed the pre-market is up today and if they stay up after the market opens I will be buying more stocks.

The stocks that I sold on 2/7/23 were:
COST that I bought on 1/30/23
DIOD that I bought on 5/29/20
NVDA shares that I bought on 2/2/23
ROK that I bought on 3/29/22

Now I will watch their pricing and either buy them back OR invest in other growth stocks that are on my list.
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Re: Potential Stock Picks

Post by FTW »

on 2/9/23 I purchased shares of TWO companies.

One of them was VISA (V)
The other one was Fortinet (FTNT)

This in NOT the first time I have purchased stock in either company.

Everyone should know who Visa is.

On the other hand, FTNT is not as well known.

They are a CYBER SECURITY Stock and the reality is that many of the Cyber Security Stocks have been growing during the last 2 years and expectations are they will continue to grow.

Here is a brief bio of the company.
Fortinet, Inc. offers cybersecurity and networking solutions

The Company provides cyber security solutions to a variety of organizations, including enterprises, communication service providers, government organizations and small businesses.

Its network security appliances are managed by its FortiOS network operating system.
Its Cloud Security portfolio also includes securing applications, including email and Web.

Its cloud security offerings are available for deployment in public and private cloud environments, including:
• Amazon Web Services,
• Microsoft Azure,
• Google Cloud,
• Oracle Cloud,
• Alibaba Cloud,
• IBM Cloud and
• VMWare Cloud.

It also offers managed intrusion prevention system and Web application firewall rules delivered by FortiGuard Labs as an overlay service to native security offerings offered by Amazon Web Services.

Its public and private cloud security solutions, including virtual appliances and hosted solutions, cover the capabilities of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform.
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My Plans for This Week Starting 2/10/23

Post by FTW »

My Plans for This Week Starting 2/10/23


• COST: IF Stays Under $514 per share
• NVDA: If it Stays Under $218 per share
• INTC: If it Stays Under $30
• SHOP: If I can catch it before it goes above $50 per share.
• DIOD: Buy
• FTNT: on uptick
• PANW: On Uptick

• ADP: (Take Profits)

• ROK: for a dip of $5 per share before buying.
• ACIW: Buy after a solid uptick
• AVGO: Watch for a solid uptick
• GGG: Wait for Dip
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Potential Stock Picks: 2-27-23

Post by FTW »

I am a bit late this week on my stock picks, due to having to set up promotions and events for one of the organizations I run.

But here they are.

The letters behind a stock E or T or some other letters are my personal reference to remember which brokerage account I used.

Last Week I bought:
• FTNT a Cyber Security Stock (E)
• SHOP a Small Businesses Program (E)
• COST a Club Warehouse (T)
• NVDA a Video Chip MFG needed for AI (T)

Last Week I Sold
• RGR a Gun MFG. (T)
• NVDA A Video Chip MFG (T)

This Week I plan on Buying
INTC: Computer Processing Chip Maker (T) (Bought on Monday 2/27/23)
• AMD: Computer Processing Chip Maker
DIOD: 51.44% EPS[/b] (T) (Bought on Monday 2/27/23)
AVGO: 45.75% EPS ( Bought on Monday 2/27/23 and Sold on Tuesday 2/28/23) (T)
GGG: 10.03% EPS (E) (Bought on Monday 2/27/23)
NVDA: Video Chip MFG that I sold last week (T) (Bought on Wednesday PRE Market 2/27/23)
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