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Dollar General

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My shares of DG stock just sold on 11/23/22, the day before Thanksgiving as a result of a "trailing loss" order that I had in place. That means the stock price went down and I was able keep my profits and have it sell automatically, before I lost any money on it.

I can assure you that I will buy this stock back, as soon as it takes an upswing.

Dollar General (DG) is one of my favorite stocks and under the current board of directors, they have been a great money maker for me and many other "long term" investors as well as traders.

The seem to be filling a niche by offering a small local corner store, where individuals can pick up there basic needs, instead of going to a big box store where they have to walk great distances.

They have an Earnings Per Share of $10.04 and an Annual Dividend Yield of $2.20 per share plus over 90% of their stock is held by institutions such as Mutual Funds that have a very LOW turnover rate, indicating they have inspired the faith and trust of many large investment firms and funds that have invested large amounts of cash in their stock for long term growth.
Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer.

The Company offers merchandise, including consumable items, seasonal items, home products and apparel.

Its merchandise includes brands from manufacturers, as well as its own private brand selections with prices at discounts to brands.

Its consumables category includes paper and cleaning products, packaged food, perishables, snacks, health and beauty, pet, and tobacco products.

Its seasonal products include holiday items, toys, batteries, small electronics, greeting cards, stationery, prepaid phones and accessories, gardening supplies, hardware, automotive and home office supplies.

Its home products include kitchen supplies, cookware, small appliances, light bulbs, storage containers, frames, candles, craft supplies and kitchen, bed and bath soft goods.

Its apparel products include casual everyday apparel for infants, toddlers, girls, boys, women and men, as well as socks, underwear, disposable diapers, shoes and accessories.
It is based in Goodlettsville, TN
DG-2022-11-25-20yr.png (38.43 KiB) Viewed 1727 times
Chart above shows their stock price for the last 12 years. It is plain to see why they have so many long term investors.
DG-2022-11-25-12month.png (43.27 KiB) Viewed 1727 times
This chart above shows their stock price for the last 12 months, also giving you an idea why I "trade" this stock, buying it on the dips and selling it on the high end.
DG-2022-11-25-2day.png (28.99 KiB) Viewed 1727 times
This final chart shows you the stock price of Dollar General on 11/23/22 when my "trailing loss" order took effect and sold the stock, so that i was able to keep my profits and not loose any money.

While it did not dip very much per share on that date, the fact that it had gone up almost to it's 12 month high price, I am pleased that it sold for a nice profit from the share price that I purchased it back in May.

By the way, I might add, the only COST I had involved in selling this stock was a 2 cent FINRA fee. That is my total expense for buying and selling this stock, no matter if it is one share or 100 shares.
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Re: Dollar General

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Buying Back Dollar General Stock
Today, before the market opened, I purchased my Dollar General Stock back.

Normally I would not do this, however I spotted a news report this morning claiming the expectation that DG stock would go up 11% today due to a NEW price target of $285 per share.

Combine that with the fact that I could purchase it back at a lower price then I sold it on 11/23/22, I decided to make the purchase.

I also took an unusual step for me. I am so confident in the future of DG that I purchased it TODAY via both brokerage accounts.

One reason I choose to buy it via two brokerage accounts, is because after I made my initial purchase before the market opened, there was an initial price drop as soon as the market opened, and I was able to purchase additional shares at a lower price.

The other reason I choose to buy it via both accounts is because that way I could invest more money into it, without depleting my funds in either account.
Oppenheimer raised Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) price target from $275 to $285. Oppenheimer analyst Rupesh Parikh maintained an Outperform rating on the stock. Dollar General fell 0.1% to $256.95 in pre-market trading.
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