Low Price for Intel (INTC)

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Low Price for Intel (INTC)

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Today is November 16, 2022

Many of the stocks I "trade" can range in price from a few hundred dollars each, up to over $1,000 each.

I understand that not everyone can afford to buy large quantities of these higher priced stock, so I decided to share something today that is a bit lower.

I bought some (INTC) Intel Stock today because it was "on sale" below the $30 price range.
One of the strange things about stocks is that many people avoid buying stocks when they are "on sale"

Now, in many cases, I will also avoid buying stocks when they have tumbled real low. However if you look across the board during certain periods, you will noticed that almost all of the stocks went down at the same time, such as during the pandemic when many businesses were not able to allow customers or employees in the doors.

Anyway, most of the text mfg stocks have taken a hit, but you basically only have 2 major suppliers for Computer Processor Chips here in the USA and they are Intel and AMD.

Since i already own AMD, and Intel has dripped down in price to less then half of what it was last year, combined with the fact that it is "trying" to come back up off the floor, I figured it was worth spending a few bucks and picking up some shares.

Now, I will admit that this stock is a bit more risky then some of the higher dollar stocks I usually trade, however another incentive is the fact that Intel is currently paying a 4.75% dividend.

Now, they have a history of setting a dividend amount once a year and paying it quarterly, and the ex dividend date is Nov, 4, 2022. This means you had to own it BEFORE Nov 4, 2022 to receive that particular dividend. So, I won't get that dividend and they will most likely lower their dividend rate for the next year, but I still expect them to pay a decent dividend.

So, the potential upside is that I could double my money if I want to hang on to it long term. Or I can watch it for an uptick and possibly sell it within 3 to 6 months for a smaller profit.

But, either way, I feel confident that I can make a profit off of this stock. It is just a question as to how much profit and how long I want to have my money tied up.

I might also add that yesterday, Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway bought 60 million shares of semiconductor stock. And while that stock was NOT Intel or AMD, a report came out that it was Buffett's first in semiconductors over the course of his career. And that is a good indication of his belief in the growth potential of semiconductors.

Here are the charts for this stock. Again, I encourage everyone to conduct their own research.
INTC_10yr-2022-11-16.png (11.94 KiB) Viewed 318 times
This is a 10 year chart of Intel (INTC)
INTC_3yr-2022-11-16.png (11.41 KiB) Viewed 318 times
This is a 3 year chart
INTC_90day-2022-11-16.png (9.64 KiB) Viewed 318 times
This is a 90 day chart. You will notice the price of INTC dropped at the end. Intel is part of the Nasdaq and this chart was printed out 6 hours AFTER I purchased the stock. Today the entire Nasdaq was down 1.36% for the day so Intel many of the tech stocks took a hit today and since I expected this stock to be more of a longer term investment, I don't worry about the trend during the first day or two.
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