Promoting OBRC Events on Facebook

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Promoting OBRC Events on Facebook

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FACEBOOK Profiles are personal accounts, and are what you make if you create a new Facebook account right now. They have the ability to message people, to friend each other, to like pages, and to join groups.

Pages, meanwhile, are another type of entity on the site. You have to have a profile in order to make a page, and all pages have at least one account managing them as an admin.

Pages have access to all of the powerful marketing tools, like post targeting, scheduling, and team management, but they have limitations on functionality. They can’t message a user who hasn’t messaged them first, they can’t follow other pages, and they can’t join some groups.

One primary OBRC profile can create pages for as many locations as we want, then add moderators, editors, and other admins to help monitor and run the page.
Today, I set up some BUSINESS PAGES under the following names.

• Older Bikers RC
• American Older Bikers
• UK Older Bikers
• Owensboro KY Older Bikers
• Cairo GA Older Bikers

I also plan on attaching each one of these pages to our National and certain STATE Facebook Groups, so they can be used to post events under the LOCAL Older Bikers Name instead of a person's name.

During the next x number of days, I plan to set up a Forth Worth page as well as pages for other existing chapters along with pages for every state or town where we have “RECRUITERS”

These pages will be an ADVERTISING TOOL that Chapter Presidents and Recruiters can use to promote rides, rallies, meetings and any other events.

THIS is how we will grow, BUT every Chapter AND Recruiter, will need someone to post club information on these pages AND respond to individuals that post messages on these pages.

If the local officers or Recruiters do NOT post any club related information on these pages, that chapter and state WILL DIE. So the bottom line here is that the survival of every Country, State and local chapter depends on the individuals responsible for that chapter, because ONE computer person can NOT handle ALL of this information without input from the local chapters.

I will also add, that WHEN you post information on your local page about a ride, rally or other event, I will be able to copy that information and post it on our Primary website so that search engines will pick it up and advertise it to the entire world.

Again, this is how we grow. IF no one knows you exist, or ride, or go out to eat or attend any rallies, your chapter will NOT survive.
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