March 3-12, 2023 Daytona Beach Bike Week

Information about Rides and Rallies.
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March 3-12, 2023 Daytona Beach Bike Week

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Here are two links to websites that hopefully will tell you everything you need to know about the 82nd Annual Daytona Beach Spring Bike Week. There are even links to find the answers to whatever other questions you may have!

Hope to see many of you there!!!
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Re: March 3-12, 2023 Daytona Beach Bike Week

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We are getting Ready to design some shirts for Older Bikers National Meeting held in and during the Daytona 2023 Bike Week.

So, anyone that plans on attending this year, be sure to look us up to get your 2023 OBRC Daytona Shirt

More info will be posted about the shirts and our Spring Meeting, so keep tuned to this forum.
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Re: March 3-12, 2023 Daytona Beach Bike Week

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Free Gifts

Due to some items we received from American Legacies, (Our Parent Organization), we are happy to announce that the FIRST FIVE Older Bikers to JOIN any Chapter of OBRC while in Florida during Spring Bike Week, will get to choose a FREE GIFT from a variety of objects.

So here are the rules.

You MUST meet with at least ONE of our National Officers while they are the following Florida Towns.

• Daytona
• Ocala
• Orlando
• Tampa

You Must accomplish the following steps:
• Fill out an OBRC Membership Application either on line or in person.
• Read and agree to abide by our Bylaws
• Pick a NEW or EXISTING Chapter that you want to belong to and ride with.
• Obtain your BACKPATCH

For a complete list of the FREE GIFTS we will be offering, Check out the list below.

• HD Oil:

• HD: 51196-94 FLHR Grab Strap: (1 Only)

• Bulldog #500245 Caster Assembly Trailer Wheel: (1 Only)

• 1904 Indian Motocycle Sales Booklet: Very Rare Reproduction

• 1905 Indian Motocycle Sales Booklet: Rare Reproduction

• Undated Indian Motocycle & ParcleCar Sales Booklet: Extremely Rare Reproduction

• 1911 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Sales Booklet: Rare Reproduction

• 1916 Indian Motocycle Sales Booklet: Rare Reproduction

• HD: Kickstand with Spring: (1 only)

• Phantom Pad Passenger Seat with Suction Cup Mount: Slightly Used but in Great Shape: (1 only)

Below is a small amount of TEXT from the Indian "Parcel Car Booklet" describing their invention, that would eventually become a "SIDECAR"

parcel_0004.jpg (1.33 MiB) Viewed 12279 times

Here is an image of one of the "Parcel Cars" from this booklet.
parcel_0008.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 12279 times
VERY RARE 1905 Indian MOTOCYCLE Brochure made by Hendee Mfg. Motorcycles

This is a MUST HAVE professional reproduction/reprint of a VERY RARE Hendee Mfg. Co. 1905 Indian Motorcycle Sales Brochure. It measures 8-3/4” x 6” and is packed with 16 pages of priceless historical information.

This brochure starts out announcing it is their “FOURTH annual greeting” for the “Indian MOTOCYCLE.” (Note the spelling they use of MOTOCYCLE instead of MotoRcycle.)

They also proudly state their Motocycle was acknowleged as the winner of the great “Endurance Contests of 1902, 1903 and 1904” as well as winning the “highest honors at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.”

There is also a section about “Scalps of the Trail” describing contest and trophies won, including the statement, “It has won every endurance run held in America.”

“July 4, 5, 1902 was held the first Motocycle Endurance Run in this country, the course Boston to New York, a distance of two hundred and 45 miles.” Three Indian Motocycles were in that race and all three won Gold Medals.

“In a ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco, a distance of 470 miles, the Indian made it in 3 days; one day shorter than the automobile record. The route lay over two mountain ranges with exceedingly steep grades.”

Other interesting and valuable information details their “range of speed from six to forty miles an hour” using a Hedstrom 1-1/2 horse power engine, an imported English Brooks Saddle and that it was available in Royal Blue as a “regular” finish but “Black, bright Vermilion, or handsome dark Green will be furnished on order.”

They also state their gas tank holds “a shade less then one gallon” of gas and “will drive the machine from 75 to 85 miles.

If you enjoy historical information about the early days of motorcycles and motorcycle related events in this country, this brochure will be an extremely valuable asset.
Here are some images of Attachments you can add to your bike.
IMG_0041.JPG (1.96 MiB) Viewed 12278 times
Just in case anyone thinks we made a typo in the spelling of the Name Indian Motorcycle above, we did NOT. During the early years that Hendee Mfg was producing the Indian, it was referred to as Indian MOTOCYCLES.

And if anyone wants to find out just how rare those books are, we encourage you to conduct a search on line and see how many copies you can find, other then the ones re-produced by American Legacies and made from the ORIGINALS.
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