Important Message from our International President

This forum is for Breaking News for all Current, and Future Potantial Members of OBRC
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Important Message from our International President

Post by anon »

Since we are approaching Spring and will be adding a bunch of new members and chapters, I have a special announcement for ALL of our members.

To anyone that has never met me in person, I am getting up there in years.

As such I have already had a Heart Attack while on my bike and had to get air lifted to a major hospital for an emergency stent.

Plus I have been involved in multiple motorcycle accidents over the years.

Now, the only reason I am telling you this is because we desperately NEED a replacement to take over SOME of my duties once I am gone or no longer able to function.
Yes, we have a National Vice President that can step up and take the reins. However, due to medical conditions, he is very limited as to how much he can do physically.

Also, he does not have the training or experience needed to take over running the websites, social media pages, as a National Recruiter, National PR Person, artist, designer of promotional merchandise or computer database designer and manager.

Therefore, we NEED others willing to step up and learn how to take over the responsibility of handling these other positions.

Now, here is the deal.

In order to make sure OBRC and the other not-for-profit organizations I run, will continue to exist after I am gone, I have made certain arrangements.

To begin with, I live on a few acres of land that has multiple houses on it as well as certain equipment such as a Backhoe that is used to maintain the fish ponds and a 4 wheel drive farm tractor with a 15 foot wide finish mower, grading blades and a loader bucket. By the way, this tractor is air conditioned and has a great tape player so who ever uses it can mow the grass in comfort, even on the hottest days.

Everything I own is paid off, so I have no debts.

I have already set things up so that upon my passing, a Board of Directors for one of the not-for-profit organizations will have the authority to let someone from OBRC live in one of the homes on my property rent free, for as long as they HELP take care of some vital part of OBRC.

And to me, the most vital part of keeping OBRC alive is Maintaining the Websites, Social Media Pages and lines of communication with ALL of the International, National, Regional and District Officers.

Now, I am not expecting one person to handle all of that personally. However I do feel that every member of the OBRC Board of Directors should learn to take charge of at least ONE Branch or segment of the vital areas that OBRC depends on to survive.

So, if you are a new OBRC member, we want you to know that plans have been made for this club to survive long after I am gone.

It has been designed to never be totally dependent on just one person. Therefore I encourage anyone out there that has the ambition and talent as a true leader and manager, to strive for advancement within the club to a higher position that could one day lead you to become a member of our Board of Directors.

Thank You.
OBRC International President and Founder.
(Name withheld by my personal choice.)
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Re: Important Message from our International President

Post by Panheadbob62 »

Well that just don't sound worth a shit there, you just a young man !!

I'd love to help ya out but I'm just not that savy with computer crap, but I'll do as I have always done, whatever I can to help.

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Re: Important Message from our International President

Post by Webman »

We want to thank Panhead Bob and Dale Ford both for their comments.

We are compiling a list of members that will be reviewed and taken into consideration this year, as replacements for several of our board members that left us last year.

Both of your names will be added to that list.

As soon as our board votes on a final decision, as to the choices, a public announcement will be made.
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