More info about American Legacies and Legacies World

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More info about American Legacies and Legacies World

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In order to include our friends in other countries, American Legacies, LLC has recently acquired the domain name for Legacies World.

As such, over the cool winter months, I plan on getting a new website set up for the Legacies of individuals from all over the world.

So, for any new chapters that are not familiar with the Legacies Project, I am attaching a comment that I recently made to someone from a Motorcycle Riding Club in the USA.

Certain parts of this post, can be used as a marketing tool, in case anyone wants to copy and past it in some social media post or email.

If your group is looking for organizations, I can recommend one.

You might want to check out

They are part of an International not-for-profit organization, (American Legacies, LLC and Legacies World,) that uses Mature Bikers to assist in LISTENING and RECORDING the memories, and historical stores of seniors all over the world, then publishing those stories as a FREE service on the Internet and in books.

It is run entirely by non-paid volunteers, that record the stories, while other volunteers type them up, or edit them.

Also, some bikers conduct poker runs or car/bike washes in order to raise money to pay for the servers and websites or even to assist in the cost of having the books published, so some of the books can be donated to local libraries as part of their local, National and International preservation.

They are NOT talking about listening to famous people. They look for blue collar workers, bikers, regular laborers. Basically anyone that has lived and experienced life.

That also includes people with military experiences that have lost brothers during any type of military conflict and may have positive and uplifting information or stories about another person that never made it back home alive.

These types of stories can do wonders for the family members back home as well as future descendants.

So, bottom line. Teaming up with an organization like this can help promote your club and the rewards your members will receive, should you ever interview anyone, will not only enhance your own world of knowledge, but it will also fill your heart, knowing you have done something important, that will touch the lives of many others for many generations to come.
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