A Message to All Vets

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A Message to All Vets

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To all Older Bikers RC Chapters.

We would like to find out if any members of your chapter belong to the local VFW, American Legion or other military type organization.

If they do, American Legacies, ( our parent organization), has a special request for them.

They are looking for any vets that would be willing to "interview" elderly vets and "record" their words via a cell phone recorder and sent us a digital copy of the recording.

Basically what the interview would consist of is a list of questions that we provide in a pdf format that would simply document his/her name, and the names of his/her deceased parents and grandparents.

Then ask him/her certain questions about what his life was like as he/she was growing up, so many years ago AND during the time they were in the military, including any information they may have and be willing to talk about regarding friendly and positive memories about the character of any other vet that served along side them and did not survive.

This information will then be published FREE of charge on one or more of the websites owned by our parent organization, American Legacies as well as published in hard back books that will be distributed FREE to specific libraries in the USA.

The interview does not have to take place during any specific time or event, just as long as someone spends a little time with him/her while they are still alive and have any memories left. A photo of the individual would also be appreciated.

There is much more I could tell you about how and why we conduct these interviews, but the bottom line is we do this as a free service available to ALL elderly Americans, in order to preserve their life's memories and family memories for future generations.

It is something we do to help preserve the history of our country and the individuals that helped build it, protect it, and paved the roads for our generation as well as the generations that will follow us someday.

We are currently in the process of uploading 7 different types of pdf questionnaire files to a forum we are in the process of creating on the Members Only section of this site, so if we don't get that created today due to other pressing matters, please check real soon.
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