About the Older Bikers Riding Club

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About the Older Bikers Riding Club

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Welcome to the Older Bikers Riding Club Forum

The OBRC is a Riding Club that is a Special Division of the not-for-Profit Organization American Legacies, LLC., dedicated to catering to older mature bikers and helping them to enjoy the last few years of riding before their bodies and nature take that pleasure and freedom away from them.

Our club logo is a silhouette of a biker standing beside a motorcycle and gazing at a colorful sunset. Our motto is “Enjoying the Sunset of our Lives.

Some of our members have Cancer, while others have had knees or hips replaced. We also have individuals that have suffered strokes or heart attacks. Yet the one bond they all have is they are still riding because they love the freedom and feelings each and every ride instills within them.

Our membership comes in all sizes and shapes, males and females aged 40 to their mid 80’s. We even have an “association” that allows the older members to drive or ride in support vehicles and still attend rallies, parties or events with the other club members they have ridden beside and built lasting connections with.

Some people have referred to us as a “Eating Club, with a Motorcycle Addition” and we are fine with that analogy because we love to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavors while we nourish our bodies and some of us have been known to ride hundreds of miles or even make overnight trips, just to check out a unique restaurant.

Others like to travel to motorcycle rallies and camp out where they can sit by a campfire and share stories of the “Good Old Days” and “Most Memorable Rides or Road Trips” while we make new friends and strengthen our bonds and knowledge of our closest club brothers and sisters.

Other members have even been knows to share the holiday meals with elderly or widowed members that would other wise be all alone without any biological family living close by.

So yes, we are more then simply a riding club. We are a family of Older Bikers. Even during the winter months, where our chapters in the cold countrysides, our members have been known to drive cages in order to meet up and go to a movie, play pool, go bowling, play cards or just go out to EAT together.

It is not all fun and games. We do have rules that we must abide by.
For safety reasons, since our reaction time gets slower as we age, we do not allow anyone to drink alcohol while we are out riding. That includes if we stop to eat at a place that serves beer or other alcoholic drinks.

On the other hand, if we are camped out at a rally and parked for the entire night or week, many of our members to like to indulge in some cool alcoholic beverages and relax.

Life on two wheels can get dangerous enough with you get older, without adding more risk factors. So, another important rule is that we do NOT allow any members that use, carry or distribute illegal drugs. That is for multiple reasons, including the fact that we don’t want to spend our final days in a jail cell because of the actions of someone else, combined with the fact that we don’t want to ride behind someone that is using any type of mind altering drugs.

So, if you want to know more about us as a group or as individuals, we encourage you to read and/or post in the “Public” area of our forum or find a local chapter and come ride with us as a guest.

If you would like to know more about our parent organization, American Legacies. LLC, please read this post in the link below.