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About American Legacies

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American Legacies is a not-for-profit organization.

The purpose of American Legacies is to find elderly individuals that want future descendants, and others to know about what they have done during their time on this planet. Who they are as a person. The good and not so good deeds, actions, thoughts, etc. Facts about their parents or grandparents that inspired fond memories to exist after they passed away. Favorite aroma’s and memories of their home town from many years ago. Memories of the lifestyle growing up and how you existed before cell phones, computers, tv sets or automobiles. How being in the military and going off to a foreign land and seeing your buddies parish during battle, affected who you were then and who you are today.

Basically, we encourage people to document and share all of the things that created you as the person you are today. Those are the memories we want to document and preserve for the next 100+ years. And all of that is a FREE service to anyone that wants to take advantage of it.
How do we Preserve These Stories?
We started out by publishing these stories in a printed magazine. Then we evolved and starting publishing them on the Internet.

Now we have multiple web servers that host and share these stories. But that is not all. We have now begun creating hard back books containing collections of these stories and will be furnishing FREE copies to various Public Libraries around the country as well as selling copies of the books to the general public.
Why is it Free?
It is FREE, because you and your story deserves to be told, preserved and shared. And the memories of your life are more important then money, to your family, friends and future generations.
Who Pays for all of this?
American Legacies, LLC., has a sub organization called “The Older Bikers Riding Club.
They are a group of Motorcycle Riders between the ages of 40 and being placed in a pine box that love to ride motorcycles and enjoy the sights and sounds of country roads and nature.

Occasionally, some of them will hold special events called Poker Runs, where they take collections from other bikers that want to ride and take a chance at winning a gift or even cash prize. SOME of the proceeds from those events as well as from the promotional apparel they sell, goes into a trust fund that pays for our web servers and the hard back books that we have printed up.

In addition to the Hard Back Books we donate to Libraries for preservation, we also sell some of those books and all the profits from those sales, also go into that trust to help support our endevers.

And again, we offer all of this FREE because we believe every life story is worth writing and preserving.

If you would like to help us preserve someone’s life story, instead of sending us money, we would prefer to have you donate some time to help us.

We are always in need of non-paid volunteers to assist us by typing up hand written stories, proofreading stories, typing stories from audio or video recordings, scanning photographs, posting stories on our websites, managing our websites or servers, writing promotional material and many other areas.

If you want to see and read some of the stories we have been preserving, you can go to any of the following links.
For Information on the Older Bikes Riding Club,
you can go to any of the links below: