Sweet Memories

Lessons learned by and from Elders.
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Sweet Memories

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I just found an old note that I wrote back in March of 2021 and decided to post a copy of it here, just in case my descendants might read is some day in the future.

Hopefully, it might also inspire other YOUNG riders to reach out to their parents as they get older.
This past weekend was a day I shall remember forever.

I was heading out on my bike when I noticed my son coming up the driveway toward me on his bike.

He asked me where I was going and then proceeded to tell me he would go with me. (He knows I recently had some disturbing medical news and it's something we both have to deal with.)

Anyway, I headed down my long driveway with him behind me in a staggered position.

But once we hit the highway, he came up beside me and we continued our ride, side by side.

He happens to be with a three piece patch club and they ride two up, all the time, so I knew he could handle it, even on the narrow roads with curves.

Bottom line is seeing him by my side, watching out for his old man, and riding two up, instead of staggered like we normally do with the older members, really took me back to the days when I was wearing a three piece patch and for one day, I was able to fee young again, plus had the feeling of being a proud father, instead of dealing with the reality of my age and the knowledge that my future will be much shorter then I once thought it will be.

We all need to have brights spots in our life, and this past weekend was one of mine.

I hope all of our members can relish the sunny and bright moments in their life too.
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