Just thinkin', dangerous, I know but....

Lessons learned by and from Elders.
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Just thinkin', dangerous, I know but....

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I was talking to some folks the other day about days gone by and the subject came up about looking up old friend and acquaintances and I began thinking about it and I have come to the conclusion it is a waste of my time trying to reconnect as, quite frankly, I don't know their names!!!


True fact, from as long back as I can remember, how you introduced yourself to me as was how I knew you forever. Be it Harley rider, Sweet glide, shifter, whatever, that was who you were to me. It had its draw backs for sure especially when I would get hassled by the man on my way home in the wee hours,

"Where ya coming from?"

"My Brothers house."

"What's his name?"


"NO, what's his real name?"

"I don't know.?"

"He's your Brother and you don't know his real name?"


(on his radio) "Send a wrecker."

and off I go to be identified and scrutinized and legitimized every way short of Sunday. But, I do it because these people that I don't know their real names trust me enough to NOT put their shit out there for ALL to see, a small price I figure.

I sat there for the longest time and thought, I don't really know anyone from my past! There are some who I had, over the years, found out their real name, still wouldn't give it to the cops, but the vast majority of them are ghost in my mind, yet the antics we did still stands out, almost crystal clear, in my mind. Experiences that made time go by and I would never trade, even the bad ones. So as I sit here staring out the window, unable to ride today because my eyes are fading on me, I will wonder who they really were and love them for the time we had.

Out of ALL the things I miss in this world, I miss my mind the most.
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Re: Just thinkin', dangerous, I know but....

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Thanks for sharing your story.

Old age is indeed a cruel enemy. It takes away our physical ability to function, our mental ability to remember what day of the week it is or what we ate for supper last night, or even where we left the bike keys.

It also removes our friends and family from our lives, causing us to spend way to many days and hours visiting funeral homes.

But like all of life, non of us can live forever and maybe the aches, pains and loss of so many fond memories is part of a plan that is preparing us for the day when we will leave this planet.

In the meantime, I figure I will spend as much time as I can teaching others what I learned over the years, so they can pass it along to others once I am gone.

And that my friend it why the sharing of stories from the past are so important. There were special bonds, trusts, respect and honor that existed between bikers that never even knew the legal, formal names of each other, yet the blood we shed on the blacktop, bike parts, or sometimes even on each other, was all the same color.
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Re: Just thinkin', dangerous, I know but....

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This is a wonderful way to be able to look back. I have very few friends, but many people I know. Those few would and have done any and everything for me at any cost. They have and would stand shoulder to shoulder and it is a wonderful feeling riding handlebar to handlebar…trusting that person next to me…wholly!

Great description!
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