Just something to learn from....

Lessons learned by and from Elders.
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Just something to learn from....

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One day, so long ago, my olLady and our kids decided it was a nice day to ride into the mountains to a cabin in a place called Arrow bear. Invited a Brother and his olLady along because, well, someone had to take the kids. SO they all piled into the 65 mustang and we got on my 68 and off we went toward Berdoo from North town.

It was a gorgeous day, sun shining, about 80 degrees at 9 am and not bad traffic. (Yeah, this was So Cal but it was back in the 80's so traffic did find time to sleep every once in a while) Headed down the 91 and came up through Riverside on the 215 to Highland. East on Highland to City Creek then off to windy, windy our way up to Arrow Bear.

Heading along the 91 I looked ahead of us and saw the grey that was over toward Berdoo, no biggie, clouds never hurt anyone and they looked far enough away to not rain on us before we got there.


Soon as we got off on Highland it began to piss on us, oh well, a little mist never killed me, except when it began to actually rain! So now I was wet and it was getting cold, no problem right,


if ya don't bring anything to put on it becomes and issue, NO jackets, NO gloves, NO front fender, NO nothing as we got pelted and I was trying to see the mountain road as we went on. My ol Lady was slapping me on the back telling me to stop swerving so I leaned to one side and let her get a face full for a bit, she quieted down. Soon we came upon a store somewhere up there which, back then, there wasn't much of nothing, so we pulled in and they ONE pair of gloves and, being the gentleman I was, I gave them to her,

WHAT WAS I THINKING, already had the pussy so ???

I fashioned a front fender out of a beer carton, (member them?) found some wire and we were back at it. Some where about 5,500 feet I hit a rock dodging a Cocker Spaniel of all things !! What the fuck was a Cocker Spaniel doing 5500 feet up in the air ??? so dodging the dog I hit a rock and broke 4 spokes out of my back wheel. About that time the fog kicked in and visibility was down to 20 feet which didn't really piss me off much because the SNOW took care of that.

If ya ain't been there, Arrow Bear is close to Big Bear except ya got change from 330 to 18 going east, which is fine, but when visibility is 0 it makes it a challenge. Some how we ended up heading to Arrowhead proper and we needed to be heading east toward Big Bear.

Aw shit to find a turn around after the sun is gone and you're freezing is a fun trip....NOT!! It was late and there really wasn't alot of traffic out so I found the straightest part of the roadway and just runed it around, fuck 'em ! Got back heading in the right direction and found our way up to Arrow Bear, good thing it was very far out of our way.

Arrow Bear wasn't very big then so when we got into it we came upon a shit ton of fog and, again, I couldn't see and almost ran some guy over as he came out of nowhere and my hands were frozen so I had a hard time working the clutch. Found out I missed the turn due to the fine indication system they had up there, but got to the cabin and everyone's outside playing while my ol Lady was stripping my clothes off, building a fire and getting me almost every blanket she could find because, as it turned out, I was border line Hypothermic, shaking uncontrollably as I couldn't hold a cup of coffee. Coolest part of that is the book she was reading about Hypothermia said that I needed body heat, so, the wonderful woman she is, stripped naked and crawled in with me to "SHARE' body heat,


Felt better the next day but was still drug out, reckon that shit takes it out of ya, so I sat and drank coffee while I watched everyone play in the snow.

NOW, kids, what did we learn from this?
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