Older biker.....

Lessons learned by and from Elders.
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Older biker.....

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Let's explore just what an Older Biker is or can be shall we.

Is an Older Biker and old man? How can this be when you're as young as ya feel?

Is he at a certain age where he is considered old? I don't think so as who's to say what is old, do we go by the calendar, do we go by our group we hang with, what is it?

Are we talking about maturity, how he conducts himself around folks?

Are we talking about how long he has been riding, how many bikes he has owned over the years, just what are we saying when we refer to someone as an "Old Biker" ?

As I see it, it is knowledge, the knowledge that he possess that qualifies him as an "Old Biker". Time, the time he has spent sitting on the garage floor looking at a part to a bike yet to cooperate, wondering just what is wrong. The time he has spent taking that part off as he had discovered it wasn't for this application. Time he's spent in the saddle and time he has spent chasing down a part for miles not for himself but for another he cares about. There is the
Older" that comes with time all of what was mentioned prior then there comes that "Older" that comes mentally, from experiences, trials and errors,

THAT is the time I speak of, that mental time spent shutting up and learning, even from a younger. Because we can learn from everyone that we cross paths with if we just have the knowledge to know when to shut up and when to speak, pretty simple, right ?

Not really, not from some of my experiences as even the guy who's been doing it this way for 20 years can be wrong, maybe he's been doing it wrong for 20 years, who knows. Besides, most can see a fool after just a few words, some take longer, some not so much, but we need to work on that, letting a man prove his self or not judge too soon.

Just something I been thinking on.
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