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Re: Welcome New Members

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Hi, Thanks for the welcome, I am from the UK, I am not a patch holder but am hoping we will one day have a OBRC chapter here in the UK, I don't feel that I have the organisation skills to start a chapter but would be more than happy to help someone here who I confident in such things, For now I am very happy to be part of your forum.
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Re: Welcome New Members

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Thank you very much for responding and for coming to this forum.

We do welcome you here and hope that you are ready for some great new concepts in the Motorcycle World.

We go beyond the aspect of simply riding our bikes. We like to think of our self as educators and historians that can and will pass our knowledge along to younger riders.

This knowledge is not just about how to ride a bike or enjoy the aroma of springtime blooms all around you, but it goes to the "Kindred Spirits" many of the older members and club Elders can pass on about club etiquette and what you should do and should not to do when you are around other clubs at a bike night or rally.

We also try to share the history of riding and motorcycles.

On top of all that, we are a unique PR division of a Not-For-Profit organization called American Legacies, LLC, and World Wide Legacies.

Those are the organizations that sponsor us and have helped us to open and grow over the years. Their goal is to stop the deletion of World History, by obtaining real life stories from elderly individuals from their 60's to the time they become a centenarian over the age of 100.

Part of the stories they collect and preserve involve these elderly individuals sharing stories about their parents and grandparents lives and lifestyles, old family recipes, family photographs and any other information they would like to preserve for future generations.

These stories are published on their websites as well as in hard back books that are distributed FREE to local libraries and even some Nursing Homes.

The entire Legacies project is FREE to anyone that wants to use their websites to read or post stories and memories. And they do not ask for donations or any type of Government financial support.

Their entire support system comes from either bikers holding fund raisers such as poker runs or anonymous private donors that care enough about the future of the world, to help preserve the real true history of life on this planet, throughout the ages.

So, we are anxiously trying to collect names of bikers in the UK and other English speaking countries that are interested in forming new chapters of OBRC to build a connection with other like minded adults, to ride, eat and share their knowledge with others.

I might also mention that since our bylaws require that all members be over the age of 40 and legal residents that were born in the country where they are currently living, it is a perfect fit for the American Legacies and World Wide Project.

So, again we thank you for coming here and joining our forum. In the event you want to be listed in our database as a potential chapter member in your country, you can go to the "Quick Links" on this forum and send me an email containing the name of the town and area of the UK where you live and we will be happy to communicate with you privately about any others we have on here or in our Social Media Groups from the same area, that might be interested in riding with others and/or joining or starting a chapter.


OBRC Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/groups/olderbikers

Also, for anyone interested in finding out more about our Parent Organization, American Legacies.
LLC., you can find them at the following locations:

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/groups/americanlegacies

Coming soon: http://wwlegacies.org
Coming soon: http://wwlegacies.com
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