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We have recently reorganized this forum, in order to make it neater.

As such, the general public will NOT be able to see the titles or names of forums that are just for Patched Members.

We have also BLOCKED the view of PRIVATE FORUMS that are just for OFFICERS or Individuals that are trying to create NEW chapters.

Therefore, if you are a "Patched" member of OBRC and do not see a forum titled, "Patched Members ONLY" please contact me and we will give you the appropriate security clearance.

ALSO, if you are an OFFICER or other individual that has been communicating with me in a PRIVATE FORUM just for the two of us, please make sure you are logged in and look at the bottom of the page for a forum that simply states, "PRIVATE FORUMS" if you click on that name, it will display THE ONE forum that you have security clearance to access.

Thank You
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