Riding home

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Daniel Tallman
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Riding home

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So I rode my bike to work today. Nothing went on, on the ride to work. But on the way home I was about 10 min out from work. The ride was good - had 6 cars in front of me and 6 behind me. We were on a 4 line road it was going down to 2 line. At the 2 line started i look beside me and there was a deer running right beside me. I was at 40 mph and I thought this was very cool, then I thought what if this deer wants to get to the other side?? He would have had to go over me. So I burped the throttle and the deer turned right, into the woods again. Thanks to my pipes.
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Re: Riding home

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Thankfully he went AWAY from you, and not into you!
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