This Patch is NOT For Sale

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This Patch is NOT For Sale

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This Older Bikers Riding Club (OBRC) patch is not for sale.

It is the trademark of the Older Bikers Riding Club.

The only way for anyone to obtain that patch, is to become a member of a local "Chapter" containing 6 or more individuals that ride together and abide by a certain set of "bylaws" that is designed just for individuals from your part of the world.

Then you are allowed and encouraged to “lease” a patch that will last you for the rest of your life, and in some cases, there are members that were even married while wearing that patch and others that have been buried with it on.

That patch represents a certain maturity, sense of morality, and respectability of our membership, while at the same time honoring our parent organization that is dedicated to honoring the family from whence we came from as well as our blood ancestors that have walked, toiled and helped build the foundation of this world.

You can learn more about the patch and the individuals that have earned the right to wear it here at

We would also encourage you to research our parent organization at and Plus, coming soon you will be informed of a new organization and website dedicated to preserving the history of families from around the world, called World Wide Legacies.

By the way, we are one of the few Motorcycle Riding Clubs that do NOT require any membership dues and the World Wide Legacies projects are one of the few organizations that do not require individuals to pay in order to have memories of their parents or grandparents preserved and made available to future generations.
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