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So I'm not good at being open to another of people. But as I just went through a divorce and the judge awarded my ex with the bike since she was the one that paid for it. So starting now my main focus is on getting my life straightened out. And getting the Houston Chapter up and going. I worry about getting another bike by the end of the year. Or by the first of the next year. To everyone in the Houston area hit me up on Facebook because I would like us to meet around the 20th of August for the first time. Sorry for the venting. But have a lot on my mind. Ride hard live free everyone.
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Hi Blade,
Sorry to hear about the divorce and loosing the bike.
Both situations are tough.
I know from real life experiences.

But, life does go on and hopefully you will be able to replace both loves with newer improved models that will not only warm your heart and mind, but make sounds that will touch your very soul as they respond to your touch. And if you make the right selection of picking quality over quantity, hopefully they will stay by your side until someone throws dirt in your face.

Just my thoughts
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